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Trend Alert: Faux Locs

Locs are not new but the way people are going after the style is new. If for whatever reason you don't want to actually dread your own hair (who came up with that term sounds like something to avoid not enjoy), anywho there are now alternatives to wearing dreadlocks.

➽Dreadlocks, also locsdreads, or in SanskritJaṭā,[1] are ropelike strands of hair formed by matting or braiding hair.[2] Earliest depictions of dreadlocks date from over 3000 years ago. There are records of Minoans and Greeks wearing locs. (Wikipedia)

I have fallen in love with the faux loc hairstyle, but before trying them I did a little research to find out which ones are supposed to be better and easier to install.

Since I will be attempting this myself with a little help I needed to know the pros and cons of each method. I must say some of the methods are a little time consuming so I would need to plan accordingly.

➧ So far the cons are faux locs are a long-lasting protective style you can do your self and the end result is very versatile, there is no end to all the styles you can wear.
➧ Cons are synthetic hair can be heavy and drying to your natural hair if not taken care of properly.

 These ladies did an amazing job explaining the process. Thank you so much for the tutorials.

➧Each of the tutorials has a little different method which is why I choose them.

This video shows the best looking and more authentic look of dreads (in my opinion).

➧The video below shows a faster method and dreads look a little silky.

➧I love this video on faux loc because she also covers taking care of your hair.

If you have tried faux locs please leave your comments below as to how the process went for you.

➽A little interesting information on dreadlocks. In my quest to find out more about the hairstyle I got a history lesson. It took two hours to do what was supposed to be a 30-minute post about a new do. Check out the page for some very interesting information.

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