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Join Walgreen's Beauty Club

I love the CVS beauty club program It has been a long time coming, but Walgreen's now has a beauty club program. Thanks, Walgreen's we love you too :)

Both programs have similar benefits, but Walgreen's seems a tad better.

CVS Members get these exclusive benefits:*

  • 10% off beauty shopping pass after enrollment
  • $5 ExtraBucks Rewards for every $50 spent on beauty
  • $3 ExtraBucks Rewards on your birthday
  • Exclusive emails with coupons, tips and new product info

Plus it's FREE to join!

 I always wondered why Walgreen's never had the same type of promotion and now lo and behold they do.

Every $50 spent on beauty gets you 5000 points.* That includes all your favorite cosmetics, skin care, hair care, oral care and grooming products. Best of all, every little purchase adds up! And, as part of Balance® Rewards, points can be redeemed on almost anything, so you can get more of the things you love.

When you sign up, we'll email you a digital coupon for 20X everyday points on beauty! So now's the time to treat yourself to that special something you've had your eye on. You'll also be part of the in-crowd that receives exclusive promotions and invites to sampling events throughout the year.

We spoil our beauty enthusiasts with insider info. And when you complete your beauty profile online, we'll send you personalized product recommendations too.

So what are you waiting for? JOIN THE CLUB

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