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5 Must Have Turtleneck Sweaters for Your Winter Closet

I love turtleneck sweaters in the winter. They always make me feel warm and toasty. Below are some of my favorite winter looks with turtleneck sweaters.

Turtleneck Sweaters

1. Is your basic bulky cable knit sweater and at an excellent price. The lace bottom adds to the look and keeps it from becoming boring.

2. Is more expensive, but it was such a great example of layering a vest over a long sleeve shirt.

3. Is an asymmetrical turtleneck poncho.

4. Is a basic close fitting turtleneck sweater. Nothing fancy, but the styling makes the look come together as casual chic.

5. Number 5 is a sweater with a cowl neck scarf added, which makes this a great choice for fall and layering.

Which is your favorite look and why?

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