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H&M New Denim Line: Eco Friendly

Hello Divas. I know I've mentioned or showcased products from H&M a few times on my site. Well lately on the fashion circuit it came to my attention that H&M is launching a new denim line. It will include jeans, jackets, and vests. The new denim clothing line is set to arrive at stores at the end of February. The noteworthy part about this, is the entire line will be manufactured from recycled denim.

This was a bold move to prove they mean business when it comes to their push towards sustainability and being Eco Friendly.You can read more about the H&M sustainability declaration from an F&Q session with  CEO Karl-Johann Persson by clicking here. In this report from 2012 Persson . They even have some case studies to give examples of the work they do and to define goals of their sustainability project.

H&M has defined seven Goals or commitments ( as they refer to them) towards sustainability.
1 - Provide fashion for conscious customers
2 - Choose and reward responsible partners
3 - Be ethical
4 - Be climate smart
5 - Reduce, reuse, recycle
6 - Use natural resources responsibly
7 - Strengthen communities

As if the fact that H&M has awesome clothing at a very reasonable cost wasn't enough to make you fall in love with their stores. They have become very aware of the workers and consumers.

Thanks H&M

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